Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I guess fashion it will be completely more different than now.
I think that people future could wear clothes or dress bio-intelligent it might be a fashion revolution and in the technology.
This bio-intelligent dress might help in the change season of the year. if probably is summer or winter the bio-intelligent dress will save the hot or cold body the human body depend the change season.

The Environment

Now days, environment is a very important aspect to pay attention, why? Because it is a topic that involves and affect all of us, I think that If we don’t pay the necessary attention for this it will bring a lot of consequences in the future, not only in the weather, also in the economic, social, cultural situation and even the costumes of almost every country, because what made easier de development and recognition of each country and city is the weather and its environment, for example the corps of fruits and vegetables that characterize each place will be the most damaged . If we don’t change our mind the days in the future will be darks, might without seeing the sun.
In the future I imagine the environment very different, very technological and with a lot of drastical changes like the production of some things and every places will look so different.. With a lot of robots coexisting with humans, technology streets and cars, and the most interesting and revolutionary invent that I guess is going to be the technology plants.

This invent could be the most important, because it will be the solution to all the environments problems that we have in the present. It will be greener with the world, more conscious with the earth and the universe. It will give oxygen to us, and it will take apart the smoke and the injurious to the ozone layer. Also it will give a pill that gives you more energy to do your activities and at the same time make you more aware with the environment. It will be a source of energy, and from this device it will be connected different kinds of electrical of the house. Might be very expensive to buy one, but in the future the state will give this invent to every house. And in this form the environment will be better in the future.

Future will be very expensive to buy things like water, meat vegetables and that kind of natural products, thanks to the bad use of them for many years, they will be very scarce and for that reason the few products that we could find will be very expensive to get for almost all of us.
I think it is time to think about what we could do to stop this unbelievable but sure future because although it could bring a lot of technology and interesting invents, also it is going to mean a dark, dangerous and unsure future not only for human also for animals, places and all the exotic spices that we actually know.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Future Of Fashion!!

Nobody knows how to will be fashion's future, all we imagine in the future with awesome designs, new makeup, we wearing colors like that gray, silver. besides we will use a clothing more comfortable, softer and fresher than now, because these clothes will be create with nanotechnology. the clothes that we will use in the future won´t stain with food and won´t discolor with some washes.

But I'm not just talking about clothes made with cool fabrics that retain their shapes or better resist stains, what's known as "smart clothing." We're also talking about clothes with new technology incorporated into its design, aka "wearable technology." Many companies are already blending fashion and technology in a limited way:
In these wearables, clothing sometimes is utilized as a communication device that reflects the body’s inner emotions or its impressions from the outside world.

The clothing with the technology will eventually become a commodity. everybody will buy virtually and we will create the design clothes we want to use depends on the weather, opportunity and activity that we will do.
Fashion is often at the forefront of technology usage. Often new materials and
technologies are used in textiles and
accessories when they are still too expensive
or primitive for other uses. Technology
development is accelerating quickly, so fashion designers will
have a lot of fun over the coming years. in
next decades will see the nanotechnology, biotechnology,
information technology in our clothing.

But the idea is also that we will create and wear clothing to help us preserve the planet, because eco friendly clothing is not a fad; it is a necessity for a healthy future.

So, What is the future about makeup? I think that this will be "smart makeup", check this:

The smart make-up could effectively
become a liquid crystal display. Colours can
be created by light emission, absorption, or
diffraction, just like butterfly wings. Any of
these techniques could be used in digitally
controlled make-up. So a woman might just
smear this smart make-up all over her face,
without any care about where it goes, and
then push a button. The electronics then
controls the appearance of the make-up
throughout the day, depending on where
she is, who she is with, and what she is
doing. We will have to hope that it is secure
against hackers, who could otherwise write
messages on her skin

Laura Vélez.

Fashion: the aesthetic of shocking and entertaining

By Paolo Villalba Storti

The aesthetic of our days is a complex idea because it’s something that is constantly changing, imposing different values and qualities to define it. But, it could be possible to accept that the aesthetic of our 21st and 22 st centuries is shocking, now that it’s a big deal to break up with the traditional parameters of beauty for establishing a new form of representation in art, fashion, mass media, architecture, etc. Hence we can see the triumph of the provocation inside the aesthetic of our times, a shock aesthetic.

NOte: This image was taken from the work of the fashion designer 'Alexander mc Queen'.

To specify more this reflection, I would like to write about the phenomenon of fashion as a transgression of different aspects related with the traditional way of perceiving the images from a contemplative way, promoted by art of paintings, sculptures and architecture during the 17 st and 18 st centuries with the beginning of museums, galleries and academic institutions of art, until a new idea of entertaining as a consequence of the apparition of a new aesthetic that has a relation with mass medias, publicity, design, fashion, art, etc. Every one of these areas shares their aesthetic concepts between them. No wonder fashion uses multiple references of the art context and vice-versa. That was the case of the exposition at the Museum of Antioquia, in Medellin, 2 years ago, with the exhibition of some clothes manufactured by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Consequently, we are in a new period of time where museums and other art institutions exhibit other kind of production of images and objects that aren’t necessary conceive as art, in a traditional meaning. For that reason, we’re having new visual experiences closer with the idea of the evaporation of the traditional aesthetic of beauty to something more ephemeral, I mean, a new way of conceiving the aesthetic not in a restrictive way but an expanded vision where art takes ideas of the publicity, design, fashion and mass medias and vice – versa.

NOte:This image was taken from the work of the fashion designer 'Gareth Pugh'.

Due to those circumstances, fashion context is a new form of extravaganza and situationism that is constantly taken references of art to produce ephemeral and striking images like Gareth Pugh, Valentino, Alexander mc. Queen or Agatha Ruiz de la Prada use to do it. Both are successful fashion designers that are constantly exposing their clothes in museums and galleries as a new form of expression, closer with the new idea of art that started to conform during the last 20 years as an expanded aesthetic phenomenon. This is an example about how the aesthetic is changing in something nearest to the idea of shocking and entertaining. It’s like a new way of see art as a soft thing that is constantly changing.

NOte:This image was taken from the work of the fashion designer 'Valentino'.

In other words, the fashion aesthetic uses to change constantly in different products that make references of other visual contexts as we could see in the work of these fashion designers. The fashion aesthetic has a commercial aspect too, now that it produces artificial necessities. Furthermore, we’re in a society of consumption and for that reason, fashion is frequently creating stereotypes about personalities which confirm that is at the same time a politic matter.

If I say that fashion is a politic matter, is because it has the possibility to construct identities. On top of it, it works as an historic document to learn about the traditional ways of consumption of a particular age or period of our society. Fashion establishes the institution of consumption by the homogenization of the human appearances as a kind of simulacrum of liberty, now that the fashion machine is persistently selling the idea of freedom to use anything that you want to wear as a costumer but, in reality, it’s alienation because there are series of the same clothes that people begins to consume.

In fact, this phenomenon in fashion is known as a ‘prêt – a - porter’, which is a French expression that means ‘ready to buy it’. In other words, the ‘prêt – a - porter’ notion develops a new structure of fashion, basically producing the same clothes in series with the same materials and forms, I mean, the same manufacture, according with the demand of consumption. This is a simulacrum of democratization, but it’s nearer with some kind of alienation.

Note: Lady Gaga using a meat dress. This is the claim of uglyness in pop culture as a consequence of the promotion of a shock and provocative aesthetic. But, at the end, it's a copy of other referents of art.

In addition, fashion is in a constant ‘déjá vu’ because it usually re –takes elements that it was common on other periods and it comes back again. For example, when Lady Gaga came out with a meat dress for a musical event, specifically at the MTV Video Music Awards of 2010, that wasn’t something original because in 1987, a woman artist, Jana Sterback, made a performance using a dress made by putrid meat; that piece was called ‘Dress for an Albino Anorexic’. In our days, everything’s a copy of an imitation and fashion isn’t the exception.

Note:‘Dress for an Albino Anorexic', Jana Sterback. 1987.

Transportation in the future, Click here


Transportation in the future by Juan Esteban

Every year spent 36 billion gallons of fuel in traffic jams. Car accidents cost hundreds of billions of dollars. And by the year 2020 it is expected that the number of airline passengers will double to reach the 7000 millions around the world.

Only in the United States, and according to the Insurance Information Institute, road accidents in this country represent a loss of $ 230 billion a year. In Europe the figure is 160 billion euros. In Argentina, the economic losses as a result of chaotic traffic and collisions, amounting to U.S. $ 10,000 million annually.

But how to solve this, is the million dollar question. "With more roads and cars safer? Professionals believe that technological advances will play a major role in the imminent future.
The cars will have driver assistance technologies, which allow cars to develop a behavior as if they have 'reflexes'.

In the future is also expected to be able to pass information from one phone to another, from one palm to another, ie, the cars will be able to exchange data between them, and contact devices that road infrastructure. In short, each unit may undertake 'remedial' when appropriate and provide essential feedback to drivers.

What's Next
Some of the innovations of the future transport are:

* The birth of a new system, either by area or land. Just as there is a technology that warns how long it takes a bus to reach their destination, travelers can also receive alerts on delays of trains and buses on your mobile phone.

* Using sensors, GPS and communications technology in cars, will be sent alerts of delays or be alerted if an alternative route is more convenient. These systems allow programmers to make corrections in real time road, which will make the stacking of groups ("bus bunching" in American parlance) in history.

* The cities will find the solution to congestion. The transition will speed through intelligent systems, adjustments will be made in real time at traffic lights to ease congestion and free up roads for ambulances, fire trucks or other emergency. New technologies provide information to drivers about the best routes to avoid driving and parking in peak periods. Thus, highways and main streets are safe, and air will be cleaner.

What they said less, it appears that the future is just around the corner. And it throbs and it breathes. Just a matter of letting go.

The Future of communications.

I think to the future of communications will be amazing and will be fun with new advances to improve de life.

I guess that in the future will desappear the Radio, tv, News papers, because the bigger´s companies the internet will buy all kind of bussines the digitalización, it will better than earth plataform . In the future the plataform virtual will be common in the life of any person, you might to buy and sell dreams, experince, and replicate reality, you may have several life.

With the plataform virtual you might have more time because you will have the informations in seconds; the new advances will be directed directly to the senses and órgans to find the satifaccion quicly.

By. Omar Bolaños

The Future of communication

By Omar Bolaños

My description about myself

I´m a psychedelic rabbit with a body of a human being. I´m a tall chubby rabbit. I´m 26 years old. I have an oval face. I have two large fluffy white and pink ears. I have a short black beard and moustache. I have small dark brown eyes. I have a wide nose. I have some wrinkles and scars in my face, but it looks sexy I think… I have some small black birthmarks in my face, too. My skin is rough. I have thick black eyebrows. I have a big mouth with thick lips. I´m not an attractive guy, but I´m a rabbit and that´s more important after all.

GOMO City Communication for Future


This is not an asigment but it coul be great help to improve our english....


Alejandra saldarriaga

Future of Communication Technology

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Future of "Fashion"

In the future the anime and the videogames will be more popular than they're now, (and they are very popular already) and the people all over the world will use the clothes of the anime and videogame's characters

The people will use big jackets, will have very long hair (even white hair),big gloves and weird pants. All the people'll have to order their clothes because they'll be unique.
All the people will mimic their favorite character, copying their clothes and even the personality, and this'll be something terrible, because people will lose their originality, but even now days, a lot of people lose their orginality because they are "led by" the clothes other people wear and to be in fashion they begin to use the same clothes

This kind of clothes will be special for the weather, because it'll adapted to it with just a tought, your clothes will change of material if you want, they'll be conect with your mind!!! it'll be awesome!!!.

The anime and videogame's clothe will be the next generation in fashion!

By: Javier Ruiz

Describing People.


I'm Javier Ruiz and i'm 17.
I'm medium hight or kind of short, I'm slim.
I have white skin with birthmarks
I have short straight black hair.
I have oval face, oval and green eyes, i have birthmarks on my face.
I have a crocked nose, thin black eyebrowns and i have thin lips.


He is Sephiroth. He is tall, medium weight.
He has a long straight white hair, he is around his 30's.
He has large face, and wide light eyes,thin white eyebrowns, he has wide lips, He is muscular he is the antagonist of a videogame, and he looks like japanese x)

By: Javier RUiz

Katy Perry

She is Katty Perry. She is a Singer, she is average height and fit, she is a pretty woman, she has oval face, she is in her 20`s, she has long wave black hair, she has White skin, she has round green eyes, she has thick eyebrows, she has pointed nose, she ahs thick lips, she has long curly eyelashes, she has pretty smile, she is blue.

By: Omar Bolaños.

I am like that.

I am like that

I am médium height, I am plump I have a Brown skinned, I have short black hair, I have a oval face, I have round Brown eyes, bushy eyebrows and thick lips. I have a mole in my face, I have a pug nose, I have a dental brakes…

By Omar Bolaños


The communication is a fundamental part of our life, every day we use different ways of communication to stay in contact with others and it´s impossible to imagine a society without it. The Human Being has been interested in improve the mechanism of communication since very old time. If you look for the history of communication you’ll find all kind of mechanism invented for the men to help us to transmit others our thoughts, feelings and more; some invents are really simple but others are very complex. Technology has changed everything around us and has influenced every aspect of our life including our way of communication with others. Communication has evolved through the time influenced by technology. Many authors from the past have dreamt about future cities and intelligent devices, in that time all of their dreams were called science fiction. However, nowadays many things that they dreamt are real and other seem to be closer than before.
Communication will continue changing because technology changes every day. Now we have mobile phones with a lot of facilities (camera, music devices, internet, chat and more), internet service that has made life easier and simpler, we don´t need to wait someone receive a letter, now we have email that is faster and cheaper, chatting rooms, social networks…

In the future the devices we use to communicate are going to be simpler, easier to use and smaller. Maybe we’ll have technology in everyday items like glasses, earrings, bracelets, etc. these items may serve us to communicate us, take pictures and send them instantly to our friends or even listening music. However, maybe we won’t need these items, we might have a brain chip that allow us to communicate with others just thinking. If you want a friend see what you are seeing you just need to think and his chip brain will ask him if he want to receive the image in his own eyes! Or you could see a movie with a friend or family member that is in the other side of the world. The houses are going to be intelligent but it'll be managed by the chip of your brain (imagine you are going home and you are hungry, just think in the dinner that you want to eat and send the information with the chip to your home, when you arrive the dinner will be ready!) It sound crazy but it could be interesting.
The television in our houses and the movies in the theatre may be more real than now, not only with 3D technology but we may actually interact with the characters, having a kind of virtual reality or maybe we’ll have 4D technology in every home (not only seeing the images but using all of our senses in a very real experience).
We’ll be able of teleport us to the place we need (like in the “Star trek” series). We’ll have holograms to have meetings, conversation with our loved ones or if you don’t have enough money to teleport to the place of a concert you will see it in a hologram and enjoy it with your friends (you won’t miss a concert of your favorite artist again!).

But for me the most important thing is that human being takes conscience of the importance to take care the environment and I hope the technology be more eco friendly.

Alejandra Saldarriaga
PD: Good Look in your exam


I think that communication in the future will have an important role because every day the need to improve and advance technologically take us to imagine and invent many new things.

Come will the moment that communication ceases to be an complement in uor lifes to becom an essential part of them.

I imagine the media in the future will possess much tecnology, such as : the tv, radio, journalism, and others.

I´m going to talk about the tv:


The latest prediction for the britsh expert in science fiction LAN PEARSON , specialist in technological progress predict that the future holds, within ten years we could bring television to all parties and not by devices with small screen, if not by using specially designed contact lenses that project the tv signal right before our eyes.

According to LAN PEARSON, the superlentillas would be designed so as to harness the body heat as an energy saurce, and we could manege with voice to change channels or perform other operations.

I think this invention in the future could will be some very beceficial for everyone and is somehow will facilitate dally life, this would allow people to better manage their time.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

The future of… FASHION!

Let’s beginning with an important topic, GLOBAL WARMING, if the world will still changing, we will have to change too, because of our ignorance the world looks like a melted ice cream, but ok, the topic is fashion, so designers will have to be creative and intelligent, thinking about how the people will feel more comfortable, in hot days and cold days; if I will become a designer, probably I will invent a double face clothing, it will become the best seller, because if you have noticed one part of the day is cold and the other part is extremely hot, so we will need a good option to get dress and be comfortable.
Another idea is shoes with calefaction and air-conditioned, it will be expensive, but in the future all of us will need it ;P.
About hair style, I think that everyone will be bald, or with less hair, because hot weather.
Fashion is difficult; designers have to think how to be more imaginative and they will have to use ecologic materials.
Manyari :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011


If anything is certain about the future, is that the influence of technology, especially digital technology, will continue grow and change profoundly the way we express ourselves,how we communicate and perceive the world, so there will be a new invention which will be the T-GLOVE ...
The T-GLOVE may be a communication device that will serve us much in the future. This device will have a wrist-phone design, that will serve as a mechanism for interactive communication and that the time to talk with someone would open a camera that will be suitable for all climates and circumstances of everyday life, in addition, this will allow to have the image of the other person in our screen.

•The T-Glove will be a mobile phone and personal navigation device in an adjustable wrist strap. The screen will be 3 inches. It might serve as a debit card for us to pay an effective way without being exposed to theft of money.
•It will have wireless internet and a keyboard to access other media. T-GLOVE may be a GPS device for locating people in the city and it will have an internal memory of 200GB.
•Since this device will necessary be an implement in the future, it will have to be adapted for all types of people and within easy reach.

Technology has advanced and will advance beyond belief, and it evolves quickly, but always looking to transform the environment, meet needs and solve problems. In the future there will be major technology trends, that may improve the economic and social progress, but I think this technology in the future will make a more consumerist society.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


He is 50 cent, he is 30 years old, he is very muscular, he is tall, he has black skin, he has short black hair, he has wide nose , he has thick lips and big mouth, he has oval brown eyes and thin black eyebrows, he has beard, he has black straight eyelashes.


My name is Javier, I´m young, average height and average weight, i have oval face, i have oval brown eyes, black bushy eyebrows and black straight eyelashes, i have thick lips also i have white skin, i´m bald a shaved head, i have beard and moustache. I good looking for girls jjajaja i kidding.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7

He is 26 years old, he has short black spiked hair, he has an oval black eyes, long curly black eyelashes, he has thin black eyebrows, he has thin lips, he has an oval face, he is tall, he is medium weight and muscular, he has a pointed nose, he has a tanned skin, he is handsome, he has white teeth and in my opinion is the best soccer player in the world !

Juan Esteban :)


I'm in my eighteens ,I am medium height, I have short straight blond hair, my skin is white and soft, my eyes are light brown, my nose is small, my eyelashes are long, I have furry eyebrows, I'm slim, and my face is oval, i have thin lips, I used to have braces but now I have big and straight teeth :D

It is Me !

To began, I'm tall, I have short piked blond hair, thin lips,
oval and light eyes,a crooked nose. I have straight blond eyelashes and thick blond eyebrows, I'm average weight, about my skin I'm white color and I have no freckles, but on the contrary I have some birthmarks. Finally a nice smile.

Ivan Forero
He is a deportist man, is the best tennis player of the world, he is very atletic and healthy. His name is Rafael Nadal, he is 24 years old, he is tall, like 1 meter 82 centimeters. He has a tanned skin, he has long wavy brown hair,a pug-nose, thin lips, a nice smile, and big teeths. He has sharp eyes, and brown eyebrowns, and finally small ears.

Ivan Forero

William Levy

He is a Cuban actor, he is a very handsome man, he has short, spiky and blond hair, he has an oval face and his eyes are shiny and brown color.his skin is brunette and he has many freckles.he has sexy lips, thick eyebrows and he has a pointed nose. he is young, average height, and average weight. he is very sexy!!! :)



He is an attractive man, he is 43´s, he is tall, his skin is tanned.
He is characterized because he is very muscular, he has a shaved head and deep voice. He has thin, black eyebrowns, he has black eyes, he has big and wide nose, he has thick lips and he is handsome.
He is an excellent actor :)


I am tall, I am young women, I am slim, my skin is tanned.
I have long, straight, black hair, I have oval face.
I have thin, black eyebrowns, I have oval, brown eyes, I have narrow nose, I have thin lips and I have beautiful teeth, but the part that I like most is my smile =D


she is vanessa hudgens..
she is so pretty... she has long wavy light brown hair.
she has narrow black eyebrows.
long curly black eyelashes.
she has oval brown eyes.
she has a pug nose.
she is average weight and average height.
she has thin lips. a nice smile, very white teeth and a big mouth.

The future communication

There are different way of communication. Currently we know and use many alternatives to communicate, however we hardly think how will be the communication in twenty or thirty years. Well, I think it would be fun and interesting, for example the phones in our houses could be videophones, I mean we could talk and see any person in any part of the world through by phone. Perhaps, we could have interactive information about any countries (tourist places, food, entertaiment, costumes, prices, culture and many other things) in our own cellphones so free, that's would be great!

Anyway, the evolution in any topic should exist, because we are living in a society increasingly demanding. Look at this funny video that is not very far from reality:

Watch how will be the communication in the cities, really interesting!
Therefore, communications transform the human condition...

By Nestor Escudero P.



I'm a very young men, I'm in my 20´s. I have short wavy black hair. I'm athletic but not slim. My face is oval with narrow black eyes, horrible thin eyebrows and a little nose. I´m very tall and the best part of my appearance is my brunette skin. jajaja post your comments if you don´t agree with me.


Maia is one of the most beautiful an attractive women of Latin America. She has long wavy black hair. She is fit and average height. Her face is round with wide brown eyes and thin eyebrows. She has small nose, a big mouth and thick lips. She has a great smile! And her look is absolutely fantastic. Furthermore, she has a fantastic voice, her voice is similar to Alicia Keys: strong and beautiful.

This is really a complete woman!

Néstor Escudero P.

descrption of myself!

I am young, average height and average weight, I am in my teens. my skin is white, I have oval face and i have oval, green eyes, thin lips, small ears and my nose is flat. i have short, straight, blond hair. i have arched eyebrows and long eyelashes.I have many birthmarks and some freckles in my face.

Laura Velez.

my physical description

I have short dark black hair.
I have thick black eyebrows.
I have dhort eyelashes.
I have oval black eyes.
i have a pug nose.
i am average height and average weight.
i'm in my teens.
i have no freckles.
i have only 3 or 4 birthmarks.
my skin is not quite white, neither brown at all...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

She is Laura Acuña

She has oval face
she has big forehaed
she has pointed nose
she has thin pink lips
she has thin brown eyebrows
she has curly eyelashes
she has large curly brown hair
she has oval brown eyes
she is young
she is slim
she is a model
she is Colombian

Describing myself

I have oval face
I have big nose
I have oval brown eyes
I have thik pink lips
I have thin dark brown eyebrows
I have long curlydark brown eyelashes
I have olive skin
I have abirthmark in my leg
I have long curly
I have freckles
I am slim
I am short height
I am in my teen´s
I used to wears glasses

BY : Daniela Betancur.