Monday, May 9, 2011

The Future Of Fashion!!

Nobody knows how to will be fashion's future, all we imagine in the future with awesome designs, new makeup, we wearing colors like that gray, silver. besides we will use a clothing more comfortable, softer and fresher than now, because these clothes will be create with nanotechnology. the clothes that we will use in the future won´t stain with food and won´t discolor with some washes.

But I'm not just talking about clothes made with cool fabrics that retain their shapes or better resist stains, what's known as "smart clothing." We're also talking about clothes with new technology incorporated into its design, aka "wearable technology." Many companies are already blending fashion and technology in a limited way:
In these wearables, clothing sometimes is utilized as a communication device that reflects the body’s inner emotions or its impressions from the outside world.

The clothing with the technology will eventually become a commodity. everybody will buy virtually and we will create the design clothes we want to use depends on the weather, opportunity and activity that we will do.
Fashion is often at the forefront of technology usage. Often new materials and
technologies are used in textiles and
accessories when they are still too expensive
or primitive for other uses. Technology
development is accelerating quickly, so fashion designers will
have a lot of fun over the coming years. in
next decades will see the nanotechnology, biotechnology,
information technology in our clothing.

But the idea is also that we will create and wear clothing to help us preserve the planet, because eco friendly clothing is not a fad; it is a necessity for a healthy future.

So, What is the future about makeup? I think that this will be "smart makeup", check this:

The smart make-up could effectively
become a liquid crystal display. Colours can
be created by light emission, absorption, or
diffraction, just like butterfly wings. Any of
these techniques could be used in digitally
controlled make-up. So a woman might just
smear this smart make-up all over her face,
without any care about where it goes, and
then push a button. The electronics then
controls the appearance of the make-up
throughout the day, depending on where
she is, who she is with, and what she is
doing. We will have to hope that it is secure
against hackers, who could otherwise write
messages on her skin

Laura Vélez.

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