Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Environment

Now days, environment is a very important aspect to pay attention, why? Because it is a topic that involves and affect all of us, I think that If we don’t pay the necessary attention for this it will bring a lot of consequences in the future, not only in the weather, also in the economic, social, cultural situation and even the costumes of almost every country, because what made easier de development and recognition of each country and city is the weather and its environment, for example the corps of fruits and vegetables that characterize each place will be the most damaged . If we don’t change our mind the days in the future will be darks, might without seeing the sun.
In the future I imagine the environment very different, very technological and with a lot of drastical changes like the production of some things and every places will look so different.. With a lot of robots coexisting with humans, technology streets and cars, and the most interesting and revolutionary invent that I guess is going to be the technology plants.

This invent could be the most important, because it will be the solution to all the environments problems that we have in the present. It will be greener with the world, more conscious with the earth and the universe. It will give oxygen to us, and it will take apart the smoke and the injurious to the ozone layer. Also it will give a pill that gives you more energy to do your activities and at the same time make you more aware with the environment. It will be a source of energy, and from this device it will be connected different kinds of electrical of the house. Might be very expensive to buy one, but in the future the state will give this invent to every house. And in this form the environment will be better in the future.

Future will be very expensive to buy things like water, meat vegetables and that kind of natural products, thanks to the bad use of them for many years, they will be very scarce and for that reason the few products that we could find will be very expensive to get for almost all of us.
I think it is time to think about what we could do to stop this unbelievable but sure future because although it could bring a lot of technology and interesting invents, also it is going to mean a dark, dangerous and unsure future not only for human also for animals, places and all the exotic spices that we actually know.

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