Thursday, May 5, 2011


If anything is certain about the future, is that the influence of technology, especially digital technology, will continue grow and change profoundly the way we express ourselves,how we communicate and perceive the world, so there will be a new invention which will be the T-GLOVE ...
The T-GLOVE may be a communication device that will serve us much in the future. This device will have a wrist-phone design, that will serve as a mechanism for interactive communication and that the time to talk with someone would open a camera that will be suitable for all climates and circumstances of everyday life, in addition, this will allow to have the image of the other person in our screen.

•The T-Glove will be a mobile phone and personal navigation device in an adjustable wrist strap. The screen will be 3 inches. It might serve as a debit card for us to pay an effective way without being exposed to theft of money.
•It will have wireless internet and a keyboard to access other media. T-GLOVE may be a GPS device for locating people in the city and it will have an internal memory of 200GB.
•Since this device will necessary be an implement in the future, it will have to be adapted for all types of people and within easy reach.

Technology has advanced and will advance beyond belief, and it evolves quickly, but always looking to transform the environment, meet needs and solve problems. In the future there will be major technology trends, that may improve the economic and social progress, but I think this technology in the future will make a more consumerist society.

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