Thursday, April 28, 2011

Describing people


I’m a young woman (I am in my 20’s). I am average height and slim. I have pale skin. I have long straight dark brown hair. My face is oval with small dark brown eyes, thin brown eyebrows, curly thin eyelashes, big nose, thick lips and pierced ears. I wear braces. Guess who am I? jejeje you already know me.


He is sexy, attractive and manly. He is middle age. He is tall and slim. He has short, straight, gray hair. His face is oval with brown eyes, thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, straight nose and thin lips. He has white skin. He is very formal and elegant. He has acted in television and movies and he is a director too. He is like a good wine: while is older is better.

Alejandra saldarriaga

Let's Describe!


I have an oval face, long wavy brunette hair, thick eyebrows, big bright round light brown eyes, long eyelashes, straight nose, and indeterminable lips. My teeth are slightly crooked, but I like it.

One of my favorite parts of myself is my skin, I totally love it because it is white decorated with a lot of birth marks anywhere. I am kind of slim, short and beautiful in my way.

That's it I guess xD

Emma Watson

A harmoniously perfect face to view, head to toe cover by soft white skin, with a few freckles in the face and a natural blush in the cheeks (mostly when she smiles). Emma has short wavy dyed blond hair, small ears, narrow eyebrows, bright round brown eyes, small pug nose, and very kissable lips. Her teeth are polished white, as pearls.

She is slim, average height with an elegant posture.

I think Emma Watson is so beautiful and she always looks astounding, no matter if she wears a sweater with a pair of jeans or a Designer's Dress.

By Luisa Cano/Miley Potter :P

My little friend :3

*He wears glasses.
*He looks like a nerd.
*He is short.
*He is pretty white.
*He has a really big mouth.
*He has not a nose!
*He carries an umbrella.

It's raining fishes!
Manyari :)

Describing myself

-She is average.
-She is slender hahaha ;)
-She has medium length, wavy, black hair.
-She is white like a paper.
-She has an oval face.
-She has small, dark brown eyes.
-She has a straight nose.
-She has thin lips.
-She has a lot of birth marks.
-She has thin eyebrows.
-She has long eyelashes.
-She has bangs.
-She has small ears.

Manyari :)

Describing my dear smeagol!

-He is bent.
-He has wrinkled, white skin.
-He has really bigs, light blue eyes.
-He has pointed ears.
-He has a small nose.
-He has long, thinning, black hair.
-He has thin lips.
-He is skinny.
-He is short.
-He has not eyebrows.
-He has pretty short eyelashes, or maybe he doesn´t have!
-He is.... UGLY! but sometimes cute :P

Manyari :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


HI EVERYONE. I found a list of abbreviations on a page and a video where are the most commonly used abbreviations. this may be help in talks on msn, social netwokrs, and chats.
Check it!!
Daniela Betancur

List of abbreviations ->

Video ->

Monday, April 18, 2011

A nice video.

 Hi again. Go to the following link and watch the video.It is quite interesting.Commento on it as well. This is your second assignment.

Let´s comment on communication.

Hi again. This is your first assignment. Remember last Friday´s oral presentation? Well, that is the first thing to comment about in the blog. Remember to compare two, or as many as you want, ways of communication and then comment on your classmates´opinions.Enjoy it!!


Hi everyone, feel free to post any comment or link to interesting and fun readings, videos and so on.