Sunday, May 8, 2011


I think that communication in the future will have an important role because every day the need to improve and advance technologically take us to imagine and invent many new things.

Come will the moment that communication ceases to be an complement in uor lifes to becom an essential part of them.

I imagine the media in the future will possess much tecnology, such as : the tv, radio, journalism, and others.

I´m going to talk about the tv:


The latest prediction for the britsh expert in science fiction LAN PEARSON , specialist in technological progress predict that the future holds, within ten years we could bring television to all parties and not by devices with small screen, if not by using specially designed contact lenses that project the tv signal right before our eyes.

According to LAN PEARSON, the superlentillas would be designed so as to harness the body heat as an energy saurce, and we could manege with voice to change channels or perform other operations.

I think this invention in the future could will be some very beceficial for everyone and is somehow will facilitate dally life, this would allow people to better manage their time.


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