Monday, May 2, 2011



I'm a very young men, I'm in my 20´s. I have short wavy black hair. I'm athletic but not slim. My face is oval with narrow black eyes, horrible thin eyebrows and a little nose. I´m very tall and the best part of my appearance is my brunette skin. jajaja post your comments if you don´t agree with me.


Maia is one of the most beautiful an attractive women of Latin America. She has long wavy black hair. She is fit and average height. Her face is round with wide brown eyes and thin eyebrows. She has small nose, a big mouth and thick lips. She has a great smile! And her look is absolutely fantastic. Furthermore, she has a fantastic voice, her voice is similar to Alicia Keys: strong and beautiful.

This is really a complete woman!

Néstor Escudero P.

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