Monday, May 2, 2011

The future communication

There are different way of communication. Currently we know and use many alternatives to communicate, however we hardly think how will be the communication in twenty or thirty years. Well, I think it would be fun and interesting, for example the phones in our houses could be videophones, I mean we could talk and see any person in any part of the world through by phone. Perhaps, we could have interactive information about any countries (tourist places, food, entertaiment, costumes, prices, culture and many other things) in our own cellphones so free, that's would be great!

Anyway, the evolution in any topic should exist, because we are living in a society increasingly demanding. Look at this funny video that is not very far from reality:

Watch how will be the communication in the cities, really interesting!
Therefore, communications transform the human condition...

By Nestor Escudero P.

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