Sunday, May 8, 2011

Future of "Fashion"

In the future the anime and the videogames will be more popular than they're now, (and they are very popular already) and the people all over the world will use the clothes of the anime and videogame's characters

The people will use big jackets, will have very long hair (even white hair),big gloves and weird pants. All the people'll have to order their clothes because they'll be unique.
All the people will mimic their favorite character, copying their clothes and even the personality, and this'll be something terrible, because people will lose their originality, but even now days, a lot of people lose their orginality because they are "led by" the clothes other people wear and to be in fashion they begin to use the same clothes

This kind of clothes will be special for the weather, because it'll adapted to it with just a tought, your clothes will change of material if you want, they'll be conect with your mind!!! it'll be awesome!!!.

The anime and videogame's clothe will be the next generation in fashion!

By: Javier Ruiz


  1. I Think It will be great to have clothes special for the weather and conected to our mind, especially because now the weather change a lot in the same day and that kind of clothe could be more comfortable. However, I don't like the idea to look like a video game's character, I don't like video games so much and I don't want to loose my personality and act like someone that is not real.
    Alejandra Saldarriaga

  2. Javier, it is interesting that your conncection is made to video games, as you say, they are already popular and so they can become popular in the future, that is as near as every single day. It may happen that people, spaecially young ones, start to imitate, and that worries me!!! Where is the authenticityu that each one of us has?Something to remember,for clothes we use wear instead of use.
    Nice job!