Sunday, May 8, 2011


The communication is a fundamental part of our life, every day we use different ways of communication to stay in contact with others and it´s impossible to imagine a society without it. The Human Being has been interested in improve the mechanism of communication since very old time. If you look for the history of communication you’ll find all kind of mechanism invented for the men to help us to transmit others our thoughts, feelings and more; some invents are really simple but others are very complex. Technology has changed everything around us and has influenced every aspect of our life including our way of communication with others. Communication has evolved through the time influenced by technology. Many authors from the past have dreamt about future cities and intelligent devices, in that time all of their dreams were called science fiction. However, nowadays many things that they dreamt are real and other seem to be closer than before.
Communication will continue changing because technology changes every day. Now we have mobile phones with a lot of facilities (camera, music devices, internet, chat and more), internet service that has made life easier and simpler, we don´t need to wait someone receive a letter, now we have email that is faster and cheaper, chatting rooms, social networks…

In the future the devices we use to communicate are going to be simpler, easier to use and smaller. Maybe we’ll have technology in everyday items like glasses, earrings, bracelets, etc. these items may serve us to communicate us, take pictures and send them instantly to our friends or even listening music. However, maybe we won’t need these items, we might have a brain chip that allow us to communicate with others just thinking. If you want a friend see what you are seeing you just need to think and his chip brain will ask him if he want to receive the image in his own eyes! Or you could see a movie with a friend or family member that is in the other side of the world. The houses are going to be intelligent but it'll be managed by the chip of your brain (imagine you are going home and you are hungry, just think in the dinner that you want to eat and send the information with the chip to your home, when you arrive the dinner will be ready!) It sound crazy but it could be interesting.
The television in our houses and the movies in the theatre may be more real than now, not only with 3D technology but we may actually interact with the characters, having a kind of virtual reality or maybe we’ll have 4D technology in every home (not only seeing the images but using all of our senses in a very real experience).
We’ll be able of teleport us to the place we need (like in the “Star trek” series). We’ll have holograms to have meetings, conversation with our loved ones or if you don’t have enough money to teleport to the place of a concert you will see it in a hologram and enjoy it with your friends (you won’t miss a concert of your favorite artist again!).

But for me the most important thing is that human being takes conscience of the importance to take care the environment and I hope the technology be more eco friendly.

Alejandra Saldarriaga
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