Saturday, May 7, 2011

The future of… FASHION!

Let’s beginning with an important topic, GLOBAL WARMING, if the world will still changing, we will have to change too, because of our ignorance the world looks like a melted ice cream, but ok, the topic is fashion, so designers will have to be creative and intelligent, thinking about how the people will feel more comfortable, in hot days and cold days; if I will become a designer, probably I will invent a double face clothing, it will become the best seller, because if you have noticed one part of the day is cold and the other part is extremely hot, so we will need a good option to get dress and be comfortable.
Another idea is shoes with calefaction and air-conditioned, it will be expensive, but in the future all of us will need it ;P.
About hair style, I think that everyone will be bald, or with less hair, because hot weather.
Fashion is difficult; designers have to think how to be more imaginative and they will have to use ecologic materials.
Manyari :)

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