Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My future plans

I don't know what is going to happen to me in the future. I hope to stay wherever God and the Life want me to stay or wherever people need me. However, I have many plans in several aspects.

Education: Maybe, this is the aspect where I have more plans at the moment.
I'm graduating from the Colombo next year, so I may look for english study opportunities in other countries such as vacation courses or exchange. Nevertheless I might not leave the country for a long time because of the study. By the way, I don't know when but I will go to U.S or England, I really want that.
It there isn't troubles I will graduate from the University in 2015, so i'm going to be an industrial enginner. After that I may begin my master degree maybe in another country too, if I get a scholarship . In fact in a far future i'm thinking about begin a doctor's degree.

Work and money: I may do my professional practices in a great factory and maybe i will be working there for a long time but i know that i'm going to work in may parents' factory. That is not very big now but i want to make it a huge factory. In a far future, After i finish my doctor's degree I may be a teacher too because i like to teach but, obviously i have to study in order to teach, too.
Although I think the money is not the most important thing in the life i'm studying in order to earn a good salary because after all the money give a better quality of life to us.

Family: This aspect it's a little more uncertain for me. I want to marry in the future. So i may look for the appropiate girl. I'll probably have two children and I wish they are a girl and a boy. The boy's name will be Sebastian. In the near future i'm going to continue living with my parents and my sister. I love them very much.

Traveling: I would like to travel around the all world and know many people and cultures but i might not have the enough money to do this and if might have i'd spend it in other things. However, I may go to U.S or England as I said above. Another country I would like to know it is Switzerland, so I may go there when I can.

I wish I can do all this plans i'm already working in a lot of them, however in the present days I'm going to enjoy my life, I'm going to stay with my family and my friends and i'm going to continue studying because i think this aspect open the doors to the others.

Santiago Ceballos Gallego

Story of Stuff

I just want to share this video with you. It's a present problem but it's affecting our future and the next generations future. The video is great!

Santiago Ceballos Gallego.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I don’t know anything about my future, but I have several predictions:
In education, I might study a master in environmental administration or pedagogy here o in Chile, I hope win a scholarship in the Valparaiso University ( I apply yet). I will study French or Italian next year.
Work: maybe, I will continue being a teacher and I will continue realize the project with my friends about the bioplastic company. But I like work in a petrol company (shulmberger).
Family: I will get married in one or two years, I may have one or two children and I will live in a big house.
Traveling: I want to travel all world, but special Russia, Germany, Spain and Japan.I going to go to Argentina the next year, I want know Ushuaia; it’s a small, beautiful and cold town, I like look the penguin.
My short future is work and work, this December I am working in the Colombo Americano in a ticket office and I going to dance very much.



He is a rock star, he is one of the best Singers in the world, for me he is handsome, attractive man besides he is a sex symbol for women.
He is a middle-aged man
He is average height and slim.
He has fair skin; he has long wavy brown hair. His eyes are small light brown.
He has oval face and small red nose
He has big mouth and full red lips.
For me he rocks!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Emma Watson Description

My character is a famous actress who is known for her role in the most famous saga of all time. Nowadays she is twenty-one years old. She is very beautiful although she isn’t very voluptuous and she is average and slim. Her skin is white so she has fair skin. Few months ago she had short hair but in the picture she has shoulder-lenght, wavy, light brown hair. Her face is oval, actually she has a very cute face and she has oval, dark brown eyes. Her eyebrows are brown and thin and her eyelashes are long. She has a very beautiful sight and a beautiful smile, too, because her lips are thin and her teeth are brilliant and white. Also she has a small narrow nose. Se uses a very elegant dress in the picture. She is always a 10. In my opinion she is a very attractive woman.

Santiago Ceballos Gallego.